2017 Symposium Videos

The 2017 videos are being made available as they are edited. Videos available now follow. The cost per video is $19. When you purchase 10 videos, the cost is $14 per video. When you purchase all of the symposium videos, the cost is $9 per video.

What Really Happens When We Die?

Victor and Wendy Zammit explain what the evidence shows about ten common beliefs about what happens when we die. Evidence taken from many different areas of credible afterlife investigation is in total agreement, completely contradicting some of the most commonly held beliefs about the afterlife including eternal damnation, deathbed repentance, and the last judgment.

Victor James Zammit has a B.A. in Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Education, M.A. in Legal History and Constitutional Law, Bachelor of Laws degree, and Ph.D. in law. He is a retired attorney (solicitor/barrister) of the Supreme Court of the New South Wales and the High Court of Australia. Wendy Zammit has a B.A. in psychology, English, and history, a Dip. Ed. Syd., and an M.A. in history from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the AfterlifeVictor and Wendy are co-authors of A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife.

Their book, A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife, a-best selling book on Amazon, is widely acclaimed as one of the clearest and most complete reviews of the evidence for the afterlife. Their extensively researched free weekly newsletter on afterlife evidence and afterlife communication is read by thousands of people around the world.

Orb Science Identifies What Orbs Are

Virginia Hummel is Chairman of Orb Encounters at Eternea.org. She is an author, Spiritual Grief Coach, Dynamic Speaker, and creator of OrbWhisperer.com. Orbs appear in photographs as spheres of light. Digital cameras allow capture orbs with ease, yet skeptics believe the “orbs” were all nothing but lens flare, moisture or dust particles. We have discovered, however, that along with the lens flare, dust or moisture was something else. Many of these particles were actual forms or embodiments,

In this presentation, Virginia will help you recognize real orbs from false orbs, better understand the nature of the orb phenomenon, and give you tips to become a better orb photographer. If you have lost a loved one, you may discover how the link between orbs and our true identities as eternal souls can help to heal your grief.

Mental Mediumship for Channeling Wisdom from the Higher Realms

Suzanne Giesemann will describe her connection with a collective group of higher level beings called Sanaya. She will help you understand evidential mediumship and channeling, and how you can know about your own abilities and abilities of people you know.

Suzanne will describe

  • how she built her power
  • how the connection came to be
  • how she developed discernment
  • how the contact is made, mechanically
  • how you can know whether you are channeling or simply imagining
  • what kinds of knowledge can be obtained such as descriptions of the afterlife
  • what are the first steps are if you want to channel
  • how you can practice and build power