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Arizona Bell ~ A Millennial’s View of Spirit

Arizona Bell is the founder and editor of Spirit Guides Magazine—a publication dedicated to spiritual exploration of both physical and non-physical worlds. Bell began her writing career a decade ago as an intern at Curve Magazine and has since been widely published in newspapers, magazines, and literary journals, appearing in The Los Angeles Review, Grief Digest, Just Out, Willamette Week, The Establishment, Elephant Journal, and more. She has worked as a senior writer and editor in many fields, including international trade magazines and higher education, as well as a personal assistant editor to Hay House author Lisa Fugard.

Arizona graduated from Northern Arizona University with a B.S. in Applied Sociology and is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. She is currently working on her first book, This Is How You Soften: Notes on love, loss, and alchemy. Shel lives in Sedona with her wife, daughter, and many animals.

She wrote,

We’ve strayed from our nucleus. We’ve strayed from the warmth of love and toward this frigid, hollow tunnel of a place, and they did it when we were young and defenseless. While it may not be completely our fault, it is our generational challenge to overcome. This is our inherited fight now—we have to own it. We have to stop bitching and start collaborating.

Now is our time to push back. And yes, it is that urgent: our planet is stressed, our collective psyche is stressed, our bodies are stressed, in so many ways we are on the verge of collapse. If we don’t want our children living in a mental and environmental wasteland, or worse, facing inevitable extinction, things have to change. And they have to change quick.

How do we start? By studying the one thing that grants us immunity: Love.

Because in an America heaving with barely-beating, tepid hearts, staying fiery and studying love, becomes a revolution. And embodying it becomes the solution. So I am resolute—now more than ever—I must study love.

We must.

Risk and all, we must.

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