Communicating with Dead People During OBEs

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Communicating with Dead People During OBEs

In this presentation, Jurgen Ziewe describes how he communicates with dead people during out-of-body experiences (OBEs). Jurgen wrote,

I communicate a lot with dead people during OBEs. It has become the main source of information for me. Often, when the opportunity of an OOBE presents itself, I see myself as a reporter interviewing people in much the same way as a journalist would interview people attending a certain event. This is a crucial aspect of obtaining information about the next dimensional realities. Not only do you get information via the interviewees experience, but you get the complete picture. By talking to them, which is mostly done via thought anyway, you can actually watch their background played out in front of you like a movie without having to ask many questions.

I also found that the people I talked to rarely showed objection to being approached and on occasion I even established quite intensive bonds in record time, simply by relating to them on quite personal levels, getting their “picture” and being able to help them. Some of the people i encounter are not even dead, they are simply asleep, but I still deal with them and can help. Once I found myself in a flat of a gay couple on a higher level above a flower and ceramic shop belonging to a lady. I received a clear picture of the shop owner who wasn’t even there and I knew everything about the men before we even spoke. They had a massive model railway stretching across two rooms of their flat. (The attention to detail of their project by the way was phenomenal, like the real thing but on a smaller scale, a level of detail which physical model makers can only dream of). I was fascinated to learn that just by looking at their model railway I knew everything about its creators. On the sideboard were a set of beautiful ceramics which came from the lady running the shop below their flat. Just by looking at the pot I knew an awful lot about the lady and her relationship to these two men. Communicating with people during OOBEs can open the doors to a completely new level of experience.

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