Mental Mediumship for Channeling Wisdom from the Higher Realms

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Mental Mediumship for Channeling Wisdom from the Higher Realms

Suzanne Giesemann will describe her connection with a collective group of higher level beings called Sanaya. She will help you understand evidential mediumship and channeling, and how you can know about your own abilities and abilities of people you know.

Suzanne will describe

  • how she built her power
  • how the connection came to be
  • how she developed discernment
  • how the contact is made, mechanically
  • how you can know whether you are channeling or simply imagining
  • what kinds of knowledge can be obtained such as descriptions of the afterlife
  • what are the first steps are if you want to channel
  • how you can practice and build power

Suzanne will demonstrate channeling wisdom from higher realms through mental mediumship. The passing of divine wisdom from higher level beings to the people living on the Earth plane is vital for raising our consciousness. Those who channel this divine wisdom are mental mediums. However, when mental mediums channel higher level beings, the medium attunes to different frequencies than those that evidential mediums attune to when contacting the dead.


Hay House author Suzanne Giesemann is a retired U.S. Navy Commander with a master's degree in Public Administration who served as a Commanding Officer and as aide-de-camp to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9/11. The author of 10 books, today former-commander Giesemann is an evidential medium and spiritual teacher. She addresses questions about the purpose of life, the nature of reality, and attuning to higher consciousness, including connecting with loved ones who have passed on. Her books, workshops, and presentations focus on bringing hope, healing, and comfort. She shares universal spiritual truths and ancient spiritual wisdom blended with modern discoveries in science and consciousness. Suzanne backs up her teachings with verifiable evidence received during hundreds of one-on-one sessions with clients and personal experience with higher levels of consciousness. For more about Suzanne, visit .

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