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König Recordings of 5th-7th Level Entities

On July 17, 2017, in Mönchengladbach, Germany, H.O. König conducted a session using an updated Infrared System he had originally developed 20 years ago. The account and audio recordings of the connections follow.

H.O. König Uses His Infrared System of Instrumental TransCommunication after 20 Years
By Anna M. Wauters

A newcomer asked, “Why has such a ‘valuable apparatus’ as the Infrared System not been activated for 20 years?” König replied, “Because I had other devices to create. The Infrared System had a special position in my work at the time I developed it because it worked only when used by two specific people. The frequencies the Spirit Entities led us to use connected with the mental structures of only those two persons. One of the people, M. Dohrmann, became very ill in 1995 and passed into spirit in 1999. However, in a session we held with the Spirit Entities on May 7, 2016, with the Universal Direction System (UDS) that uses crystals, the Spirit Entities gave us six new frequencies for transmitting communication in the nanometer band so we could use the Infrared System with new people.”

Throughout the research, researchers and experimenters are selected carefully and frequencies are communicated for us to use that are specifically in connection with the spiritual structures of these people. The Spirit World, the technology and experimenter are one, in resonance, with all involved being connected to one contact panel. There is great harmony and synchronicity among all the elements to allow the contact to happen. Every part, down to the smallest wheel, must be precisely synchronized like clockwork for an audible connection to happen.

König answered a second question: “Why don’t you develop the system in a way that will enable people to get in touch with their deceased loved ones? With your system, we could finally hear clear, understandable statements.”

König answered that he conducts his experiments with a complex, large system exclusively for fundamental research. “The reason is difficult for a non-professional to understand,” he said. He explained that the question shows perfectly the difference between a researcher who has devoted his whole life to discovering something new and gaining expertise about an issue and someone whose only wish is to have contact with the Spirit World for some personal reason. “The difference between the fundamental research I am doing and someone’s recording using the ordinary equipment and methods available to the general public is enormous,” he said. “The difference between recording voices for personal reasons and making contact as part of scientific research is colossal!”

König continued, “Differences in people’s mindsets exist in all spheres of life. For example, most people in their homes only want to switch on a light, with no interest in how the light comes about. At most, they would want to have only a manual to make a device work. However, research into the Spirit World and its components works under quite different rules.

“The subjects of the research don’t come with an operating manual. The basic principles of the research may seem very simple to most people, but the technology is very complicated, and making the acoustic contacts is not as easy as most people imagine it to be.

“Contacting the Spirit world requires profound, essential efforts between two ontologically different worlds with different values. Their world does not obey the laws of the material world.

“Every researcher in this still largely unexplored field of science has great responsibilities, especially for the Spirit World. Because we still know very little about the Spirit World and the connections, we must approach the research with caution, reverence, humility, and gratitude.”

König went on to explain that he has never used his system to receive answers to personal questions or to get in touch with a loved one. “I record only to comprehend better the contact bridge and to gain collective knowledge. The recording trials with the complex, large equipment require great effort and energy, even from the Spirit World, to be successful. We should use these efforts to gain collective knowledge.”

König explained another reason the Infrared System is not suitable for people to use to connect to deceased loved ones. “Using the Infrared System, we reach dimensions other than the ones where loved ones are living. In simple experiments with broadband radio, loved ones can communicate. However, that is not the case with the Infrared System. The Infrared System connects to higher dimensions at the fifth to seventh levels.

“It did happen in the past that those in the Spirit World, under the impulse of the moment and for unexplained reasons, contacted people personally. However, the large Infrared System is not a ‘phone to the afterlife,’ as one journalist called it. The researcher is acting as a host, preparing everything and trying to make an acoustic bridge for communication. I am especially interested in how to create the bridge and what areas of the Spirit World can be reached over it. So each experiment, whether successful or not, always gives me new insights, understanding, and comprehension about the contact bridge and acoustic communication.”

König reports that after 20 years, he is still making technical changes in the field of selection and broadband to see whether Spirit World areas other than those he has been in contact with to this point will come through the Infrared System. He and Magret König had named the Spirit Entities he has been in contact with the “Zentrale” because the entities transmitted that they have a central function in the Spirit World. Spirits at that level don’t have names anymore. König refers to the following passage from the New Testament: “In my Father’s house, there are many mansions.” König asks, “What kinds of mansions? What do they look like? Who is living in the mansions? The answers to these questions will come from my fundamental research.”

The results of the experiment on July 17, 2016, have shown him that the changes he had made in the Infrared System were not accurate. A great many voices registered on the recording that were not clearly understandable. In spite of that, however, the “Zentrale” was able to use force to break through acoustically to give wonderful information.

Account of the Session Using the Modified Infrared Equipment

The session began with three hours of group meditation, guided by König. After a break and another short meditation, König turned the system on. There was an extended silence, then a sudden noise. It was the beginning of contact, but there were no voices yet. Then all heard the following very clearly in German:

Wir versuchen ein Kontaktfeld zu schliessen zu Anna Maria Wauters und Hans König. . . Kontaktfeld geschlossen zu Anna Maria Wauters und Hans König.

“We are trying to complete a contact panel to Anna Maria Wauters and Hans König . . . . . . . Control panel completed to Anna Maria Wauters and Hans König.”


A mixture of sounds followed, with many voices apparent in the sounds, but the voices were incomprehensible to the participants. However, the information the voices conveyed is of great importance to König because it will give him new insights for his basic research. As a result, he will analyze the sounds and tones to extract as much information as possible.

When the mixture of sounds subsided, the entities continued:

Höre zu: Die Verbindungen zu uns sind Fenster zu neuen Erkenntnissen und lassen euch erahnen, was ihr erleben könnt wenn ihr euch öffnet.

“Listen! The connections to us are windows to new realizations, allowing you to intuit what you can if you will open your minds.”

Höre zu! Wir begrüssen diese Gruppe hier im Raum. Wir versuchen zu jedem einzelnen Kontakt aufzunehmen, in Gedanken. Jeder einzelne von Euch wird eine Information bekommen, für sein Leben.

“Listen! We greet this group here in that room. We’ll try to get in touch with everybody here, from mind to mind. Each and every one of you will receive information about his life.”

Die Erde soll jetzt in einen neuen Bewusstseinszustand versetzt werden. Ihr Bewusstseinsvermögen soll angehoben werden.

“The earth is to be moved now into a new state of consciousness. Its consciousness capacity will be raised.”

Höre zu, Ihr seid ein Teil eines gewaltigen Bewusstseinskontinuums! Ihr könnt es erkennen, durch die Meditationen.

Listen! You all are part of a continuum of consciousness! You can recognize it with the help of meditation.

Höre zu, Ihr habt jetzt einen wirklichen Beweis unserer Realität.

Listen! Now you have real validation of our reality.”

The recording lasted 13 minutes, with more statements by the Spirit Entities. At the end, they said,

Wir beenden den Kontakt. Unsere Energie geht zu Ende. Wir senden Euch ein Energiefeld und ein Kraftfeld.

“We conclude the contact. Our energy is running out. We are sending you a field of energy and a force field.”

Being overcome by the energy, the vastness, and the magnitude of this experience, we needed several days to process all of it. We express our deep gratitude to the Spirit World. Each attendee went on his way with new insights and understanding for his life plan.

After the session ended, König carefully considered all the information conveyed from the Spirit Entities. He began the process of analyzing it to determine the technical changes he must make before the next recording experiment.

Anna M. Wauters and Hans Otto König give private sessions to connect with loved ones and give personal coaching to teach people how to connect with their loved ones. More . . .

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