Raising the Consciousness of Humanity–We Are All One

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Raising the Consciousness of Humanity–We Are All One

Dr. Tracy Coen explains how transformative experiences everyday people have show we are one with each other and the universe.

Tracy is an Advisory Board Member, Division of Perceptual Studies at University of Virginia in the field of neuroscience and the evolution of consciousness. She is interested in how science gives credibility to non-ordinary experiences.

She is co-founder of @ONE, a multifaceted organization dedicated to raising the consciousness of humanity through scientific research, education and sharing spiritually transformative experiences. We abide in credible research and facts, and maintain that the integrity of intention speaks volumes. At the same time, we collect and review stories of transformative experiences from every day people, which are being much more frequently reported on a global level.

In so doing, we intend to change not only the way people think about the relationship between mind, body and spirit, but how the ultimate connection between all of us affects the way we do business, how we administer health care and ultimately how we realize the unity of all humankind, @ONE.

We recognize that while we are all beautifully and uniquely different, we are far more alike than dissimilar. Through our efforts to raise the consciousness of this reality, we intend to impart more knowledge, peace and collaboration among varying religions, cultures and nations.

@ONE abides in credible scientific research dedicated to exploring the viability of the global phenomena of these transformative experiences. Humanity is beginning to awaken to who and what we truly are, divine beings, all worthy of respect and love.

Our intention is to provide a safe place where anyone can openly share their personal transformative experiences without judgment, whether it be a traumatic loss of a loved one, a suicide attempt, illness or any out of body or non-ordinary experience. Through sharing these experiences, we neutralize them and assist everyone in remembering that we are here to develop our spiritual growth.

We provide tools such as education, resources, support and counseling to assist us all in coming to terms with what otherwise might be isolating experiences. Instead, we bring the reality that we are @ONE in life’s journey.

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