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Saturday the 16th, 10:15 a.m. – 11 a.m.

11:15 – 12 or 12:30

Ballroom 1

Rev. Olivia Bareham

After-Death Care and the Three-Day Vigil

Ancient texts cite the three days following death as having significant meaning for the deceased. Christ was three days in the tomb before ‘rising from the dead’ and Buddhists believe that to touch or move the body for three days after death will interfere with the subtle body’s separation from the physical. Over the past decade, Olivia Bareham, founder of Sacred Crossings, has assisted over 200 families with the preparation and care of their loved-one’s body for a home vigil and funeral.

Whether one dies at home, on hospice or unexpectedly in hospital, the family has the right to take the body home and care for it according to cultural and religious customs. In her powerfully illustrated presentation, Olivia uses films and slides to portray the benefits, legalities and logistics of natural home-based after death care and home funerals.

About Olivia

Ballroom 2

Mark Anthony,
the Psychic Lawyer

Healing Grief by Understanding Quantum Consciousness and the Other Side

Since the dawn of recorded history, millions of people worldwide have described Near-death Experiences. These Spiritually Transformative Experiences include encounters with spirits of deceased loved ones.

Using a colorful and dynamic PowerPoint Presentation, paranormal expert and spiritual bestselling author Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® (aka the Psychic Explorer®) will deliver an uplifting, enlightening and fascinating presentation about how quantum physics offers credible validation for the existence of the soul, the afterlife, spirit communication, karma, reincarnation and the reality of Near-death Experiences.

Mark Anthony’s research is based on science, theoretical physics, human physiology and credible evidence. This groundbreaking and uplifting journey into the Light bridges the gap between the scientific and the spiritual and removes fear and superstition surrounding spirit contact.

This inspiring, informative and entertaining event is for all people of all belief systems.

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Palo Verde I

Special Workshop

10 a.m. – 12 15 p.m.

How to Record People Speaking from the Afterlife

Reverend Dr. Sheri Perl is an Afterlife Research and Education Institute ITC facilitator. Sheri is using Instrumental TransCommunication to record the messages from spirit to their loved ones here on earth.

According to Sheri, who has been recording for a little over a year, the messages are becoming longer and clearer. In her readings, the parent or bereaved loved-one is brought into the reading via cell phone and they are able to ask questions. The answers from spirit are recorded and through a careful auditing process, Sheri is able to hear and isolate the answers. According to Sheri, these readings provide “A joyous exchange of love.”

Sheri will hold a two-part workshop which will meet in the mornings on September 15th and 16th. This workshop will literally walk you through the steps necessary to set up your computer to record EVPs. If recording EVPs is something you want to do, then bring your laptop with you to the workshop. Sheri believes that it is possible for anyone who is coming from a place of sincerity to record voices using the same method she is using, which is based on Sonia Rinaldi’s work.

Sheri wrote,

<p style=”margin-left:30px;margin-right:30px”>I cannot guarantee that you will connect-up, or that the voices you record will be the voices you want, but I do believe that our loved ones-in-spirit want this connection too, and that if you persevere, you will succeed.</p>

Preparation for the Workshop

  1. Please attend both Part 1 and Part 2 of the workshops if you can. Part 1 introduces the method, and Part 2 is hands-on practice.
  2. Bring a laptop. You may use either a Mac or PC.
  3. Download and install the free software program, Audacity, from If you have trouble doing so, Sheri and her helpers will help you at the workshop.
  4. Download and install Google Chrome. Any browser will work, but we are using Chrome in the demonstrations.
  5. Download the background sound source. Right click on this link and click on “Save the link” or other button you use to save the file to your computer:

If you have trouble, we will help you at the workshop.

About the Recording Methods

Palo Verde II


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