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Symposium Book with Your Name and Information

The key to helping humankind grow to live in peace, love, and joy is having people communicate with each other on this plane and with people now living on the next plane of life. We learn from each other, support one another, and increase our capacity to love by loving. We receive guidance from people on the next plane of life and continue our relationships with them in love. As a result, AREI wants the symposium to be just the beginning of life-changing experiences for you.

AREI will have a book available free at the symposium with information about symposium attendees and their organizations. We want you in it, but it is optional. We will make it available only to people at the symposium, but will have a version we make more widely available that we will add to with more resources and individuals. You will choose whether to be in the version just for symposium attendees or also the book for other people interested in learning and networking.

Everyone will want to know about your accomplishments, services, publications, unique stories, and anything else that will let other attendees know about you and what you can offer. The first section will be about the presenters. A second section will be about organizations, another section about mediums, another about hypnotists of all kinds, and so on. We will add categories depending on what we learn about attendees.

Medium Joe Higgins is heading up the effort. We need these at a minimum:

  • Your name
  • Any accomplishments, services, publications, or other unique things about you
  • Special interests and your wishes to be involved in any activities
  • Anything you have to offer other attendees
  • Whether you want to be in the attendees-only book or whether you would like to be included also in the book other people will be able to read

These are optional, but would be great:

  • A picture, so people might find you at the symposium. It should be good resolution (300 dpi if possible).
  • A logo if you are part of an organization (also good resolution)
  • Your e-mail address so anyone can contact you after the symposium
  • Your phone number if you are willing to accept calls

Send your information to Joe Higgins at

We have to be able to edit what you send, so expect that. We can’t include a lot of information or more than a couple of pictures. If you have publications, it would help if we have images of the books, but we will get them from if you don’t have them.

This is a real opportunity to begin the networking that will continue through the  years.

Contact Craig if you have any questions at 800 690-4232 or


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