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In 2007, Dr. Dennis Grega reached out to the creators of After having read through the large amount of channeled material on that website, Dr. Grega was curious to speak with its creators. As conversations unfolded, questions arose as to the consistency of information about the afterlife and life here on earth among other sources. And so, a collaboration began. To date, we’ve analyzed and compared 80 primary sources across 265 key findings and have found a greater than 94% positive correlation between all of the material. We continue to analyze and compare additional source material.

In 2011, after numerous requests for additional sources of information on the afterlife and related subjects, we created This site is a free resource library that covers 6 primary categories (afterlife, consciousness, paranormal, reincarnation, religion, science), 49 sub-categories and includes over 2800 books (with more to be added). We have also addressed commonly asked questions and answered them with recommendations of specific reading material. Future work includes adding new books, research papers and other reference material to the site.

Our next expansion came in 2014. We hoped to support the many people from around the globe who had been asking us for medium referrals. These requests initiated our Voices Across the Veil research program, which offers small group sessions of two to six people who, for 45 to 90 minutes, link via video conference with a medium. The medium gives messages from anyone on the other side of the veil who comes through for each person (sitter). In addition to the session, sitters are asked to answer a short series of questions about their experiences before and after the session. The actual session and the answers to the questionnaires are analyzed and reported in aggregate form. In exceptional cases, excerpts are extracted for presentation of compelling anecdotal data, while keeping the privacy of the sitter at the level requested. The mediums involved with the project are skilled professionals with proven track records. They currently include Denise Lescano, Laura Mendelsohn, Lauren Bortolami Robbins, Jen Queen, Wendy Van de Poll (animal communicator), Jessica Costello, Alain Jean-Baptiste, Anna Raimondi, and others.

The co-founders of these three websites are Michelle Szabo, RMT, and Dr. Dennis Grega. Michelle is a researcher who is also a creative director, author, artist, musician, teacher, ordained priest and Reiki Master. Dennis is a research psychologist and skilled programmer, who has combined his training with computer technology to develop numerous software applications over the past 30 years.

The initial development of was largely supported by the creators of That site was developed and is maintained by a husband/wife team. He possesses a Doctorate in Science from MIT and she is an accomplished spiritual medium since childhood. Together, they have recorded nearly 20 years of spiritual sessions with their spirit guides, departed family members and friends, and occasionally other spirits.

Finally, Dr. Michelle Wareing from the United Kingdom is an academic researcher. She contributes to the review, understanding and expansion of all 3 sites and the data that has thus far been collected.

Dennis’s Bio

Dr. Dennis Grega received his PhD from New York University and has spent time as a research psychologist at NYU Medical Center. He has also served as an adjunct professor of psychology teaching research design and statistical analysis at Hunter College.

Dennis now balances his time creating database-backed online applications and websites with his interest in the non-physical. He is a co-founder of (2008), the largest database of afterlife description and analysis on the internet. In 2012, he co-founded, a free resource library to help people explore life after death and related subjects. And in 2014, Dennis co-founded, an research project. This program connects people across the globe with highly qualified Mediums and those that have crossed the veil. Dennis and his small team of researchers have devoted many thousands of hours to investigating nearly 200 years of writings and continue to add to their research. The Voices Across the Veil program adds to the research begun on by investigating current, evidential mediumship.

Previously, Dr. Grega was CEO of MicroPower Group, who’s offerings included commercial software products, custom database and application development, web and logo design, internet/intranet programming, hosting services, and IT support.

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